Monday, November 22, 2010

The Throne Room of God (Revelation 4)

What is the most amazing sight in nature you've ever observed? What made it so amazing?

Have you ever been so awe-struck by something that you couldn't find the words to describe it? How would you describe it now?

In Revelation 4, John is given a "sneak peek" at the throne room of God. He struggles to find the words to adequately describe it. Read Revelation 4:1-7 to get a description of John's vision.

What part of this vision jumps out at you?

What questions do you have about this vision?

What do you think is the most important part of this vision?

Look through these verses and count how many times the throne or the person on the throne is mentioned. Even though there is a lot going on in this scene, God is still at the center of it, and He is still the most important thing.

What are some specific things people can do to keep God at the center of their lives even when it seems like a lot of things are going on around them?

In the second half of the chapter, The creatures and the elders sing two songs. The first song is "about God" and the second song is "to God." What can you learn from these songs?

These songs say that God is "Almighty" and that He has "always been" and "always will be." How are these words comforting when you think about your past, present, and future? How are these words challenging?

What do you think it mean that God is "worthy to receive glory, honor, and power?"

In your life, how do you give God glory, honor and power?

What can you do this week to keep God at the center of your life? What specific challenges do you already know you are going to face? How can this group pray for you?

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