Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clean and Unclean (Acts 11)

What is the dirtiest you have ever been? How did it happen? How did you get clean?

Read Acts 11:1-18. What parts of this passage do you like? What questions do you have after reading this? What really stands out to you in these verses?

What do you think was the main issue for the "circumcision" party (vs.2-3) ?

Why do you think it mattered to them who Peter was eating with (vs. 3)?

Read Luke 5:29-32. How are these two stories similar? What do you think Jesus would have said to these men in Acts 11?

Why do you think people are sometimes afraid of new things? What new things in life are you concerned about?

Which part of Peter's vision (vs. 5-9) did you find most interesting? Why?

In your opinion, why did Peter not want to eat the animals in the vision? Was he right or wrong?

What does it mean for God to make something or someone clean?

How can the conclusions we draw about people keep us from seeing them as cleaned by God? How should we deal with this?

Who in your circles of influence needs to be made clean by God? What are you doing to invite them into a relationship with Jesus?

What parts of your life need to be cleaned by God?

Spend some time as a group praying for these three thoughts:
  • That we would not judge people as unclean whom God has made clean
  • That our friends and family would be made clean by God
  • That we would be willing to deal with the unclean junk in our lives

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