Friday, June 25, 2010

Setting Priorities (Luke 23)

Have each person in the group share their top three priorities for the coming week? Do they have a plan for accomplishing these priorities?

Should all Christians have the same top priorities in life? Why or why not?

What are some things that should be priorities in the life of a Christian?

Read Luke 23:1-5. What was the top priority of the people who brought Jesus to Pilate? Why do you think this was so important to them?

How do you deal with people who have a great hatred for God and/or Christians? Do you talk to them about your faith? Why or why not?

Read Luke 23:6-12. What was Herod's top priority in his interaction with Jesus (hint: look at verse 8)? What do you think Herod was hoping to see?

Why do you think God doesn't do miracles all the time? Read Luke 11:29-32. What does this teach about signs and miracles?

Read Luke 23:39. What was the top priority of this criminal?

When have you found yourself wishing God would do something for you (either provide something or get you out of a situation)? Should we ever have these kinds of expectations for God? Why or why not?

Read Luke 23:40-42. What was the top priority of this criminal?

Why did Jesus honor the request of this criminal? How can this criminal serve as a good example to us?

Based on what you've read and talked about, what is one priority you want to set for the coming the week? How can this group help you accomplish it?

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