Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Much Does God Trust You? The Story of Job

Who is the most righteous person you know? Why do you think of them as righteous? How do you think they got to be that way?

Read Job1:6-11.

What do you think it means to be "blameless" and "upright"? How would you define each of those words?

Why do you think God called Job "blameless and upright"? What did Job do to deserve such a description?

Satan suggested that Job was only righteous because God had blessed him so much. Do you think some people only follow God because they've been blessed? What happens to these people when the blessings go away? How can you avoid being this kind of person?

Why do you think God was willing to let Satan test Job? Was God confident that Job would pass the test? Why or why not?

What does this teach us about God?

What does this teach us about Job?

Do you think God would have this same confidence in you? Why or why not?

Satan's attack on Job included the destruction of his property, his ability to earn money, and the death of his children. Verse 22 tells us that in all this Job did not sin.

Read Job 1:20-21.

How would you summarize Job's response?

Why do you think Job still praised God in spite of all this trouble?

When do you have the hardest time being thankful to God? What could you do that might help you in those times?

What are you going through right now that this group can help you with?

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