Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flattery and the Painful Truth (Genesis 3)

Do you like to be flattered? Why or why not?

When is flattery good? When is it bad?

Read Genesis 3:1-5. How did the serpent "flatter" Eve?

In what ways was the serpent's message a "feel good" message?

Read Genesis 3:6-7. Did the serpent's promises come true? Why or why not?

Would you rather have someone tell you the painful truth, or would you rather have them save you the pain by leaving you in the dark? Why?

Read Genesis 3:14-19. What part of these verses is most depressing? Why?

With which of these verses can you identify? How have you experienced the truth of these words?

Most of God's words in these verses are descriptive of different kinds of dysfunction that resulted from Adam and Eve's sin. How have you observed the sin of others (or your own) create dysfunction?

Why do you think God wanted Adam and Eve to know what the results of their choice were going to be? How do you think these words benefited them?

What was God's solution to the dysfunction caused by Adam and Eve? How does this solution apply to us?

What steps can you take to rely on Christ as the solution for the dysfunction in your life?