Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God Connected with Us and Died for Us (1 John 4)

When have you given up something you really loved for the good of someone else? What did you give up? What benefit did your sacrifice provide?

Read 1 John 4:10. In the middle of the verse is the word "sacrifice" or "propitiation". Use the following questions to discuss what Christ's sacrifice/propitiation really meant.

What did Jesus' death satisfy?
What did Jesus' death pacify?
What did Jesus' death alleviate?
What did Jesus' death settle?

What does Jesus' death teach us about true love?

According to this verse, God's act of giving up His Son is the definition of love. Can you imagine anything or anyone for whom you would put your child/children to death? What does this teach us about God's love?

1 John 4:7-8 make it clear that anyone who claims to be God's child must love like God does. Loving is not as simple as just saying, "I love you." What kind of sacrifices are required to love the people in your life (spouse, children, friends, neighbors, co-workers)?

Read 1 John 4:9. According to this verse, God sent Jesus to be like us so that we would understand how much he loves us. The theological word for this is to "incarnate". A more common expression would be to "connect with". (Read more in Philippians 2)

What does it mean to "connect with" someone?

When have you felt love because someone took the time to really connect with you or what you were going through?

What can you do this week to show someone love by connecting with them?

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