Friday, October 9, 2009

Unvalidated Claims and Unleashed Confession (1 John 1)

List three things you enjoy and at which you excel.
List three things you do not do very well.

As a group, identify one thing each person in the room does well (different from the lists they made).

How does it feel to have others talking about what you do well? How would it feel to listen to this group talk about what you do poorly?

What do you think God would say you do well?
What do you think God would say you do poorly?

Some people have a difficult time with self-perception. Talk about a time you've had to deal with someone who just didn't realize how they were being perceived by those around them (don't use names).

Read 1 John 1:5-10.

John talks about three claims we might make about ourselves. Describe each of these claims in your own words. Have a few people give examples of how someone might make these claims.

What are some ways you've observed people denying their sin or rationalizing their sin?

According to John, how do our actions validate or invalidate the claims we make about ourselves?

In verse 9, John talks about confession. Have a few people describe what it means to confess our sins. Is there a difference between a general confession and a specific confession? Is one better than the other? Why or why not?

Why do some people have a difficult time confessing their sin?

Should we only confess our sins to God? Is there ever a time we should confess our sins to others? If so, give some examples. (talk about James 5:16 if you have time)

How often should we confess our sin? Why? Can we "walk in the light" while having unconfessed sin in our lives? Why or why not?

Have some quiet time before you finish to allow people to talk to God and take care of any confession they need to do.

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Brett Rogers said...

Thanks for posting this! It really helped our small group discussion.