Friday, September 18, 2009

Walking With the Wise (Proverbs 13:20)

Talk about a time you were lost, and how did you get "un-lost".

Which would you rather have with you on a journey, a map or a guide? Why?
(Likely people will be split on this. Talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each)

In the journey through life, God has provided us with both a map and guides. The map is His Word, the guides are those people with whom we have relationships.

Give an example of a friend who provided you with good guidance in life.

Give an example of someone you've seen who has been given bad guidance in life.

Read Proverbs 13:20. In your own words, explain what you think it means to "walk with someone."

Make a list of the benefits that result from walking through life with a wise person.

Make a list of the possible harms that result from being the companion of a foolish person. (here is a list according to Proverbs of some of the things a fool does:commits adultery, babbles, slanders others, does wrong for fun, quick-tempered, talks proudly, unwilling to learn, schemes, etc.)

Can you think of any examples you've seen lately on the news or in life that illustrate the truth of this proverb?

What kinds of things should you look for in a friend?

The Bible is clear that we should love everyone (even fools) and that we should do everything possible to bring everyone (even fools) to Jesus. How can you influence a foolish person for good without allowing them to influence you for harm?

What is one thing you need to do this week as a result of reading this Proverb?

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