Monday, September 28, 2009

God's Good and Perfect Gifts. (a biblical exploration)

What was the greatest birthday gift you have ever received? What made it so great?

What was the worst birthday gift you have ever received? How did you react when you opened it?

Second to salvation, what is the greatest gift God has ever given you?

Read James 1:16-17 and Matthew 7:7-11. What truths do these passages teach about the gifts of God?

Read Romans 8:28. Is it fair to say that every gift God gives us is a good and beneficial gift? Why or why not?

Read Job 2:1-10. Focus on Job 2:10. What do you think was the point Job was trying to make to his wife?

We very easily accept and praise God for the pleasant gifts He brings into our lives. Sometimes it is a little more difficult to praise and thank Him for the unpleasant gifts He allows into our lives.

Give an example of an unpleasant gift from God that might be beneficial for us.

Read James 1:12-15. Notice that this passage about suffering and temptation directly precede the passage about God's good gifts.

How might it be possible that suffering and/or temptation are "good" gifts from God?

Knowing that God only brings beneficial things into our lives, How should we respond when we have to deal with these kinds of "unpleasant" gifts?

What beneficial but unpleasant gift are you dealing with right now. How can this group pray for and help you in your journey?

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