Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Basking in the Majesty of God (Psalm 8)

Think of someone you admire, and tell the group three reasons why that person is so great.

Go around the group and have everyone share one attribute of God that they admire.

As a group, read Psalm 8.

Verse 3 talks about the work of God's hands. Talk about a recent time when your observation of nature has caused you to be awed by God.

Have a few people rewrite and quote verse 4 in their own words.

What types of words and phrases would you use to draw a comparison between God and man?

When compared to God, how do you feel about yourself? Why?

Read verses 5-6. Why do you think God gave these responsibilities to humanity?

Read Genesis 1:28. Give examples of how people can go about carrying out these responsibilities.

God has chosen to work through humans to accomplish his will on earth. What are some things we can do to be better "employees" of God?

What can you do to ensure that your everyday activities properly reflect the majesty of God?

Spend some time in prayer as a group. Specifically, give thanks to God for His majesty, and for the great privilege of partnering with Him in His work.

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