Friday, July 31, 2009


Why do you think America's Funniest Home Videos is such a popular show?

When have you recently laughed at someone else's misfortune? Talk about a time you did something which caused people to laugh at you.

Today you'll be looking at the book of Obadiah. Obadiah is a unique prophetic book because it was not written to Israel or Judah. Rather it was written to Judah's southern neighbor, Edom.

Read Obadiah 10,11. What do you think it means that Edom "stood aloof"?

What factors sometimes cause us to be unmotivated to help someone who is in a difficult time? Why do you think Edom was unmotivated to help Israel?

Read verse 12. How are people sometimes judgmental and dismissive toward those who are suffering misfortune?

Read verses 13-14. How do you think the people of Jerusalem felt about the Edomites? What do you think they wanted God to do to the Edomites?

What was God's plan for Edom (read verses 18 and 21)?

How should the fate of Edom serve as a warning for us?

Sometimes God's timing is not ours. He always acts justly, and He always acts on the behalf of His people; but He doesn't always do it in our time or in our way. Edom was eventually judged for their abuse of God's people.

What are you waiting for God to make right in your life? How do you think he wants you live while you wait?

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