Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Presence of God and the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25)

Read Exodus 25:10-22.  For fun, have the members of the group draw pictures illustrating how they think the ark of the covenant may have looked (clue: a cubit is about 18 inches).

According to verse 22, the ark was a place God met with Israel.  What are some places you've been where you felt you really met with God?

What kind of emotion would be stirred within you if you knew God was physically present in this room? 

How or why should the presence of God inspire fear?

How or why should the presence of God inspire relief?

How or why should the presence of God inspire resolve?

In the ark of the covenant were placed the ten commandments, a jar of manna (Exodus 16), and the staff of Aaron's which had budded with leaves(Number 17).

The ten commandments reminded Israel of God's expectations for them.  What do you think are God's expectations for you?  Do you believe you are fulfilling these expectations?  Why or why not?

Manna was God's way of providing for Israel.  How have you experienced God's provision recently in your life?  How is Jesus' life and death God's ultimate act of provision?

How does knowing Jesus has provided for your salvation create contentment in your life?

Aaron's budding staff reminded Israel that God had given them leaders to guide them in their efforts to live rightly.  What kind of people does God put into our lives to help us live rightly? How can we most effectively leverage these relationships?

What do you need to do differently this week, knowing that God is present with you right now?

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