Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The End of the World (Revelation 21)

How do you think the world will end?  

Do you worry about the end of the world?  Why or why not?

What things have you observed that you believe are signs the end is near?

Read Revelation 21:1-8.

How do you think things will change when God lives with men on earth?  How do you think things will be the same?

Jesus says He will "make all things new."  What is the one thing for which you are most excited to see the "new version"?  Why?

According to this passage, for whom is the new heaven and new earth reserved?

Who will not be a part of the new creation?  What is these people's destiny?

How can Christians use this passage to encourage one another?

After reading this passage, how does your relationship with God need to change?

How should this passage lead us to interact with our unsaved neighbors/co-workers/friends?

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