Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exploring Prayer as An Act of Worship

This is a group activity designed to explore prayer as an act of worship.

STEP ONE: Prepare Yourself.

Read Proverbs 15:8. Who does God love to hear prayer from? Does this usually describe you? Why or why not?

Read Psalm 68:18. When does God not hear our prayers? Why do you think this is?

Take some time as a group to pray silently. Have everyone think of sins they may be "keeping" in their heart. Encourage them to make those right with God and to commit to break the chains of those sins for good.

STEP TWO: Posture Yourself.

Read Psalm 95:6. What posture is suggested for worship?

You can tell a lot about someone by their posture. Someone who has their arms crossed, is probably not happy with you. Someone leaning forward to listen, probably wants to hear what you have to say. What does the posture of bowing down communicate?

Even if you cannot bow down while praying, how can your attitude reflect an attitude of bowing down?

STEP THREE: Praise God.

Read Psalm 71:8 and Psalm 34:1. What might it look like to praise God all day?

As a group, list 25 things you can praise God for.

STEP FOUR: Pursue God.

Read Psalm 46:10. What do you think it means to "be still"? How can being still help you in your relationship with God.

As a group, spend some time "being still" and pursuing God.

Close your time with group prayer. Have as many as want to pray a prayer of praise or thanksgiving.

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