Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sin (Genesis 3)

This study is part of the "basics" series. All these studies consist of more questions than a group will be able to address in one setting. However, if someone takes the time to walk through each question and give significant thought to the answers, they will hopefully come away with a fuller understanding of the basic doctrines being taught.

"Sin" is based largely on Genesis 2,3. Many of the questions refer to the story of Adam and Eve which appears in those chapters.

  1. From where does sin come?
  2. What caused Eve to sin? What caused Adam to sin?
  3. Why was the serpent’s suggestion tempting to Eve? What makes sin tempting to us?
  4. To what degree are all people sinners? What void in our lives are we trying to fill when we sin?
  5. How are pride and/or selfishness connected to our sin?
  6. List all of God’s commands in Genesis 2. Are they reasonable?
  7. At what point in Genesis 3 do you think Eve sinned? Why?
  8. Is sin more than just “disobedience to God?” Why or why not?
  9. According to Romans 3:23, all have fallen short. Fallen short of what?
  10. What does it mean to be righteous?
  11. List as many of God’s commands to us as you can. 
  12. How would you define “sin”?
  13. Who is affected by our sin? Who is offended by our sin?
  14. How did Adam and Eve’s sin impact their relationship with each other? With creation? With God?
  15. How does our sin negatively impact our relationships? Examples?
  16. What were the immediate effects of Adam and Eve’s sins? What were the long term effects of their sin?
  17. What are some examples of immediate and long term effects of our sin?
  18. How many times did Adam and Eve sin in Genesis 3?
  19. Why does sin seem to multiply itself? Why is sin often addictive?
  20. What does it mean to confess your sins?
  21. What is repentance? How is repentance different than confession?
  22. How do people pay restitution for sins?
  23. How do these things help to remedy our sins?
  24. What is the role of Jesus in remedying our sins?
  25. What impact does Jesus have on the immediate consequences of our sin? The long term consequences?
  26. Since Jesus has paid for our sins, do we need to make restitution for them? Why or why not? How does the Bible support your position?
  27. Does sin hold power over Christians? Why or why not?

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