Thursday, March 12, 2009

Influence: Being Aware of "Chance" Encounters (John 5)

Big Idea:We can learn to be alert to use “Chance” encounters in our daily life as opportunities to invest in peoples’ spiritual journey.

As a group, read John 5:1-14.

What are some things Jesus does in this passage than any Christian could do? What are some things He does, that no one else could do?

Think about the people in your circles of influence. From what do they need to be healed (physical, spiritual, emotional)?

Why do you think Jesus asked the man if he wanted to be healed? (vs.6)

Why might someone who is spiritually unhealthy not want to be healed?

Note: Jesus is the healer, and we are not. He not only heals people physically, but he heals people spiritually. We need not lose confidence because someone doesn't want spiritual healing, because it is not our job to accomplish. We can only be faithful to share the truth, and leave it God to bring the healing.

Why do you think Jesus waited until his second encounter with this man to tell him, "Sin no more?"

Would you be comfortable saying "sin no more" to someone? Why or why not?

Jesus seemed to always notice the people who needed healing. What can you do to more often notice people who need help?

How can our routines sometimes keep us from expanding our influence?

What are some simple ways people can break up their routines in order to expand their influence?

What is one thing you can do this week to be more aware of the people around you?

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