Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Creator and the Creation (Romans 1)

This study is based on Romans 1:18-25.  It is important to understand and move toward the understanding that God is the creator and is not to be confused with the creation in any way!  This is a foundational thought for all Biblical understanding.


  1. It was made by God
  2. It points to God
  3. It is a resource, not a source
  4. It is incapable of receiving worship or service

20 Questions
  • Are men really ungodly and righteous? Why or why not?
  • By whose standards are these judgments made?
  • What makes someone ungodly or unrighteous?
  • What truths about God do people suppress? Why?
  • What are the attributes of God that are clear to everyone?
  • How can creation point us to God?
  • Does it matter that God is immortal?
  • If God is the creator, what –if any– is our responsibility to him?
  • Why wouldn’t someone want to believe that God is the creator?
  • What do you think it means to “worship the creature”? Do people worship the creature today?
  • How does suppressing God’s truth make it easier for people to claim “wisdom”?
  • What is “wisdom”? Who is someone most non-believers think is wise?
  • Do people prefer “black and white” wisdom or “gray”? Why? Does God see in black and white?
  • Why does God consider man’s wisdom to be “futile thinking”? Can you think of an example of this?
  • In what way are men’s hearts darkened and foolish? Does this apply to everyone? Why or why not?
  • How are people “without excuse”? For what? To whom?
  • Why is God wrathful?
  • Who is in danger of facing God’s wrath?
  • How is God’s wrath evident today?
  • How will it be evident in the future?

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