Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unclean People (Acts 10)

- How would you describe Cornelius' relationship with God? How did that relationship impact his relationship with others?(v.2)

- Read Mark 12:30,31. How do these verses apply to Cornelius?

- Read James 1:27. How does this verse apply to Cornelius?

- Why did Peter go on the roof? (v.9) How important do you think prayer was to Peter? What can we learn from his example?

- Why do you think the vision Peter had was shocking to him? (v. 13) Read Leviticus 11:46,47. Why would a Jewish person not want to eat an unclean animal?

- How did Peter’s vision prepare him for the messengers sent to Cornelius?(v.19-20, 27-29

- How would you summarize Peter’s message to Cornelius and his family? (v.24-43)

- How did Peter know Cornelius and his family believed in Christ? (v.44-48)

- We don’t struggle with thinking of Gentiles as “unclean”. What types of people might qualify as “unclean” in the eyes of people today?

- How should we act toward these people who might be considered “unclean”?

- What are some specific things that we can do to treat as “clean” those whom society calls “unclean”?

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