Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Telling the Truth (Genesis 28-31)

- How do most people feel about liars?

- Is there a difference between someone who is a “known liar” and someone who just sometimes

tells lies? Why or why not?

- Assign one of the following passages to individuals. Have them read it and then present to the rest of the group the lies/deception that happened, and what the results were.

o Genesis 27:1-25; 27:41-43

o Genesis 29:14-30

o Genesis 30:29-43 (you may have to help with this one)

o Genesis 31:25-35

- Jacob deceived two people in these stories, one was his brother Esau and the other was his fatherin-

law Laban. How did each of them respond to being deceived? How do you feel when someone

deceives you?

- Why do you think the people in this story were constantly deceiving others?

- Why do people that you know (or you?) deceive others?

- Explain that God understands that lying hurts relationships and ultimately hurts us, that’s why he

tells us to be people of truth. Apparently Jacob didn’t believe that God could take care of himself

so he took things into his own hands.

- Ask if any of the students would be willing to give an example of a time they used deception to

either get out of trouble or make things better for themselves?

- Is there a difference between a lie and deception?

- Challenge each person to be aware throughout the week of times they might be tempted to be

deceivers and instead be truth tellers!

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