Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rescuing Slaves (Exodus 3-4)

WhWhat was the worst chore your parents ever made you do?

-         Read Exodus 1:8-14


-         What do you think it means to have a “bitter life”?


-         What do you think it would have been like to have been born into a slave family?


-         Make a list of one word answers that describe how the Israelites probably felt when they were freed from slavery.


-         Read Romans 6:16-18


-         What kind of sins hold people in slavery?


-        What do you think it means to be freed from sin?


-         Read Exodus 3:7-10


-         How do you think Moses felt about the job God gave to him?


-         How can you be like Moses and rescue people from slavery?


-         Assign the following verses to different people.  After each verse, have the group describe Moses’ excuse for not going to Egypt.  Then have them tell how like Moses, they may be afraid to tell people about God.


o       Exodus 3:11


o       Exodus 3:13


o       Exodus 4:1


o       Exodus 4:10


o       Exodus 4:13


-         Go back through those same verses and determine how God responded to Moses’ fears.  Have the group discuss how God might respond to their fears.


Explain to the group that just like God called Moses to do a special job, He has called each of us to do a special job.  Finish this time by having the students reading Matthew 28:18-20 in unison.

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