Monday, February 2, 2009

The Promise: Poets and Prophets Keep the Hope Alive

  • How do difficult times in our lives cause your relationship with God to change (positively and negatively)?  Are there promises from Scripture that you think about when you experience life's difficulties?  Which ones are most meaningful to you?
  • God waited years to fulfill His promises to Israel.  Have you experienced times when God seems to not answer your prayers?  How do you respond when He seemingly does not answer your prayers?
  • Talk about times when your "spiritual heartbeat" has slowed down.  What types of things cause your spiritual heartbeat to quicken?
  • Skim and summarize or read Luke 24:13-35.  Like the men on the Emmaus Road, we do not always understand the meaning of the scripture passages that we read.  What spiritual resources do we have to help us understand these truths? 
  • As a group, brainstorm a list of names and pictures that are used to portray the Promised Christ.  Which one or ones are your favorites and why?
  • When you think about God's promises, which promises are easiest to cling to?  Which ones are more difficult?  Why?
  • How can the group help you embrace God's promises more fully?

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