Monday, February 2, 2009

The Promise: Life Without God (Genesis 3,4)

  • Talk about a time you made a mistake or a decision that caused something good to be ruined.
  • Read James 1:13-15. Think about people you've observed. What causes people to fall into temptation? How can it be avoided?
  • What do you think caused Eve (Genesis 3) and Cain (Genesis 4) to give in to the temptation they faced?
  • What role does selfishness play in our "battle" against temptation?
  • Read Genesis 3:16. God describes a tension between men and women. How have you seen that tension play out in your life and others?
  • How have you observed yourself contributing to problems in the relationships you have? What changes could you make to heal some of the relational dysfunction in your life?
  • Read Genesis 4:26. What do you need to "call on the LORD" about?

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