Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Faith and Obedience (Genesis 22)

WhWhen is a time that you have been disobedient?  Why?  What was the result?


-         Have you ever been asked to do something that was extremely hard…but good for you?  Did you do it?  What was the result?


-         Give everyone a moment to skim Genesis 22 and ask a few people in the group to summarize the key points of this story.


-         What do you think Abraham felt when God told him to sacrifice Isaac?  How would you feel if you were him?


-         What was Abraham’s response to God’s command?  Why do you think he obeyed?


-         Can you think of other times in Abraham’s life that he was obedient?

-         Read James 2:21-22.


-         How do you think Abraham’s faith helped him obey in this situation?


-         Was Isaac an obedient child?  Why or why not?


-         Do you think Isaac had faith in his Father?  Why or why not?


-         What are some things difficult things God might ask us to do?


-         How does disobedience demonstrate a lack of faith?


-        Is there something you need to do in order to demonstrate obedience to God?


-         What are you going to do this week to obey and demonstrate your faith?

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