Friday, January 23, 2009

The Rules of the Game (Mt. 12:1-14)

* Are there any "unwritten rules" of Christianity that bother or confuse you? What are they?

* Read Matthew 12:1-14.

* How would you summarize Jesus' teaching in this passage?

* In verse seven, Jesus says, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice". Since we don't "sacrifice" at the temple anymore, what would be our equivalent of "sacrificing"? (there are probably several good answers to this question)

* What is an example you've seen of someone sacrificing, but not showing mercy?

* What standards are you sometimes tempted to use to judge other people's spirituality?

* Are you ever tempted to focus on sacrificing at the neglect of showing mercy?

* What can you do this week to focus your attention on being merciful to others?

* How can the group help you with this?

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