Friday, January 23, 2009

Having A Good Marriage (Genesis 2,3)

Make a list of the world’s best “combination foods”. (any food that successfully combines two or more key ingredients. Examples would be Oreos or Reece’s)

Make a list of food combinations that don’t work.

It seems people are often like food. Some people work well together and others seem to be like water and oil. What are some characteristics of a good relationship (marriage, friendship, job, etc.)? What are some characteristics of a bad relationship?

What do you think are the greatest struggles that most married couples face (if you’re in a “non-married” group, talk about the relational struggles people deal with most often)?

Read Genesis 2:20-25. Then read Genesis 3:8-13. Notice the difference in relationship when Adam and Eve were focused on one another (Gen.2) and when they were focusing on themselves (Gen.3).

How can you do a better job of focusing your attention on your spouse/friends/etc.?

How did Adam and Eve’s relationship with God impact their relationship with each other?

In your experience, can husbands and wives (or friends) deepen their relationship with each other by deepening their relationship with God? How would you suggest they do this?

What changes do you need to make in your life this week? How can this group help you?

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